Assessing Network Security

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Assessing Network Security by Ben Smith

English | July 21, 2004 | ISBN: 0735620334 | 592 Pages | PDF | 5 MB

Don’t wait for an attacker to find and exploit your security vulnerabilities—take the lead by assessing the state of your network’s security. This book delivers advanced network testing strategies, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, from members of the Microsoft security teams. These real-world practitioners provide hands-on guidance on how to perform security assessments, uncover security vulnerabilities, and apply appropriate countermeasures. The companion CD features time-saving tools and scripts that you can use to reveal and help correct security vulnerabilities in your own network.

Sharpen and advance your security assessment skills, including how to:

Detect vulnerabilities and perform penetration tests
Conduct and properly report an IT security audit
Find hidden hosts by using DNS, WINS, and NetBIOS
Sweep your network to analyze network topology, existing hosts, and multi-homed systems
Determine the status of ICP and UDP ports by using port scanning
Recognize and help counter common network threats, including:

War dialing, war driving, and Bluetooth attacks
Packet and network sniffing
IP, e-mail, and DNS spoofing
Password cracking
Communication interceptions and modifications
IDS and IPS attacker detection avoidance
Spam and other e-mail abuses

Download Assessing Network Security

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