Cannabis Therapeutics in HIV/AIDS

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English | Jan. 5, 2002 | ISBN: 0789016990, 0789016982 | 233 Pages | True PDF | 2.2 MB

Explore the controversial subject of cannabis therapeutics for HIV/AIDS patients!

Cannabis Therapeutics in HIV/AIDS provides a scientific view of the benefits of marijuana in helping to increase appetite, ease the symptoms of HIV/AIDS, and improve quality of life for patients. Dr. Ethan Russo, editor of the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics, has assembled a collection of first-rate information from clinicians, researchers, and patients. Based on scientific research, this book offers insights into how using cannabis has helped patients deal with the symptoms of HIV/AIDS.

This informative book contains:

– a broad medical overview of the pertinent topics of interest with respect toAIDS and its treatment

– an insider’s view on the twenty-year history of the discovery of AIDS and its junction with cannabis and the medical marijuana political movement

– survey studies of clinical cannabis usage from different populations in California

– a state-of-the-art review of immunological issues in cannabis usage and pulmonary issues with smoked cannabis

– data on the method of cannabis vaporization

– information on standardized sublingual whole-cannabis extracts, rectal suppositories, and aerosol preparations

Download Cannabis Therapeutics in HIV/AIDS

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